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Flood Barriers

Protection of critical infrastrucure is of the highest importance during flooding and natural disasters. Drinking Water, communication, hospitals and electricity are some of the most critical infrastructure that must be protected carefully in times of disaster.

When polluting factories are flooded the consequence can be devastating many years ahead. A factory polluting the nearby river or lake must for any price be surrounded in order to minimize the potential damage.

This is why The Mobile Flood Protection with its unique capabilities makes it possible in most cases to protect critical infrastructure like power stations, hospitals, etc. There are two kinds of deployment.

When the flood is threatening to create damage or make a critical infrastructure inoperative, the people responsible must do anything in order to prevent this from happening.

The Mobile Flood Barrier will retain the water from entering the critical infrastructure by deploying The Mobile Flood Barrier around e.g. the hospital, polluting factory or power station. The Mobile Flood Defence will be deployed as a ring around the building in a matter of a few hours and will make the most effective protection against flooding.

In case the flooding has occurred The Mobile Flood Barrier can be deployed directly into the water and again surrounding the infrastructure. The pressure from water in The Mobile Flood Barrier makes it settle on the ground sealing the infrastructure from the flood outside the Mobile Barrier.
After the deployment you empty the Mobile Barrier by pumping the water out from the infrastructure. The critical infrastructure will become dry and hopefully functioning and keep it dry during the times of flooding.

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