Hospital Protected From Flooding - Patients and Staff Rejoice

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NoFloods Mobile Barrier - Step by step deployment
Cofferdamming   In Water Works
ES Preventive Flood Protection
Flood Barrier repairs
Jyllinge   Wind up winch
Hurricane Flood Barriers that work!

Reliable flood protection during storms and hurricanes. The NoFloods Barrier continuously show strength and during multiple storms / hurricanes in Europe. Once deployed, the barriers are resistant to…

Strength test & vandalism
Easy deployment from a small truck
Triple Tube 125 - 180 cm tall
DR - TwinTube60
Hytrans and NoFloods - Using high volume pumps
Thailand flood protection / hospital flood protection
TV2 - Gvoir - Barriers - Interview
Flood Barrier - The hydraulich winch for easy removal of NoFloods Mobile Barriers
3 models - Copenhagen Product Presentation
NoFloods Mobile Barrier - 200 m TwinTube60 (656ft)
The Concept - Easy deployment in 5 steps
Temporary water storage during repairs of water parks
Double reservoir + triple tube
Sweden - River flood protection
Temporay Storage of Liquids, Waste water, Oilspill, Toxic etc.
Flood protection -- Post flood protection -- protecting flooded areas, buildings infrastructure
NoFloods Temporary Cofferdam Deployment
Environment Solutions / Nofloods Company Profile Video_ ENG