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About Us

NoFloods™ developed by Environment Solutions ApS 

Environment Solutions ApS develops and manufactures solutions for temporary flood protection and liquid storage and we probably offer the most efficient solution for temporary large scale flood protection.

We have invested actively in creating the world's most cost-effective solution for flood protection and temporary reservoirs for storing rainwater, wastewater etc.

The NoFloods technology is based on more than 15 years experience of dealing with floods and natural disasters and the success of our products is due to our constant focus on reseach, knowledge and innovation. Over the past year, we have managed to create a protfolio of products that match the needs of a much wider audience within the target group of "prevention" and "damage control" and which are perfectly adapted to the changing climate scenario.

Since the entry to the market, Environment Solutions ApS has invested actively in the development of the NoFloods Barriers. A solution the French Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Preparedness ”Sécurité Civil” has bought since 2005 and has made several tests and evaluations of the product’s capabilities.

During the last 14 months the company has introduced the solution to 10 new countries and the product has received great attention from National and Local Emergency Agencies.

Environment Solutions is headquartered at CATscience Park, Roskilde, and has production and test and production facilities in Kalundborg.

Environment Solutions ApS are EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified.